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Boys Noize & Virgil Abloh – Orvnge (04:22)

Fashion design is a creative task involving the shaping, bending, and breaking of codes- archetypes, memes, and references from the past are re-mapped into something novel. Techno production has a similar relationship to it's past, present, and future, as one mines the genre's legacy in order to navigate new territory. Creative polymath Virgil Abloh is most widely known for his fashion work, but it's no surprise his track "ORVNGE" with Boys Noize is a powerfully executed exercise in the shared practice of finding the memetic, fractal base that forms the skeleton for a myriad of patterns that inevitably follow.

"Skeleton" and "fractal" are apt starting points. A one bar, 4/4 clap-driven pattern provides the frame from which "ORVNGE" seldom deviates, but it's an undeniably infectious one. With the cadence set, sound design becomes the vehicle exploring the iterations of the possible, and also drives the dance floor. It's all memetics and a discerning but very human permutation at work. There's a few samples- that one perfect piano stab- but it's mostly modular analogue and a 303 arbitrarily alternating in arrangement throughout the hardware sequenced structural pattern, creating a paradox of repetition and the unexpected. When this structure is interrupted by a syncopated shaker line, the deviation from precision feels explosive. This is coding at it's best- when something simple set in motion gives rise to unexpectedly beautiful complexity. Virgil Abloh and Boys Noize certainly are masters of their respective codes, and "ORVNGE" is a club weapon serving as a robust beginning for the further possibilities of their collaboration yet to unfold.

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