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01. Dreamjumping
02. Llegue Por La Noche (ft. Otto Von Schirach)
03. Mind Eraser
04. Forbidden Zone
05. Drunken Incapacitants
06. Idol Worship
07. Just One Fixx
08. Rigid Body Dynamics
09. Crystal Nightcap
10. Wanderlust
11. Falso Progreso
12. TYC-9486-927-1

Venezuela born, Barcelona based Cardopusher's career goes back over 12 years- the proverbial 10,000 hours to master a skill long fulfilled. His forthcoming LP "New Cult Fear" on Boysnoize Records proves it through disciplined, focused craftsmanship. It's the type of no-frills production that deceives the amateur listener with it's simplicity, while the seasoned listener knows that the simpler the elements, the harder it is to make a track that moves the dancefloor. Moving dancefloors it does, although there's few smiles to be had. This is music for dark rooms, for Nitzer Ebb's famous pairing of "muscle and hate." This is being electrocuted by a broken TB-303- only you find the feeling erotic, your exclamations recorded on a haunted reel-to-reel. And it's never sounded so good.

The 11 tracks of the LP sit squarely in "the zone," that time in the club when time itself has stopped, when mind turns off and body takes control. Menacing acid lines, jacking bass, and harsh, reductionist production build the backbone to fragmented Latin percussion and vocals (including a feature by Miami's Cuban/German Otto Von Shirach), which nod to Cardopusher's South American roots and lend a sense of exoticism to it's otherwise Detroit rooted aesthetic. This sense of geographic and temporal disconnection / reconnection permeates the LP; this is Detroit techno and Chicago acid, broken, fragmented, sent through antiquated and illegal P2P networks to Venezuela, burnt to CD-R and snail-mailed to a Barcelona basement rave, recorded live, then blasted wide open in fractal bits over a global electronic network and reassembled here and now in a darkly crystalline execution. As the title "New Cult Fear" suggests, this is less the stuff of dreams and more-so of a paranoid nightmare. But let your body take control, and nightmares never sounded so good.